Website Development, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing

A web designer and a web programmer should be the last people to lay hands on your website

Even the best web designer and web programmer should be the last people to work on your website, because they are skilled only at making it look good and making it function correctly — which ignores the most important objective of all: generating the most visits from qualified specifiers 24/7/365.

To receive the most free (organic) click-throughs from potential customers, your site needs to rank higher than your competitors' sites do on general search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing). You also need a presence on websites where your customers go to search for products, including industrial search engines such as Globalspec and Thomasnet and industry-specific directories such as trade publication websites.

But most industrial marketers are unsuccessful at gaining top search engine positions for several reasons:

  1. Most web programmers and web designers — and their industrial clients/employers — do not understand the enormous difference between a website that merely looks nice, versus one that generates the most income for its owner
  2. Competitors are fighting for top positions that produce many more valuable click-throughs than lower positions
  3. Major search engines keep their search algorithms secret, and change them constantly, to prevent unworthy sites from gaining top positions
That difference in search engine rankings comes down to differences in the volume of content, keyword density (by competitor and relevant

engine), inbound links, link source rank, frequency and magnitude of site modifications, metatag and alt tag copy, page header and description copy, videos/animations, searchable PDFs, and more.

These and other variables have little to do with web design or web programming, and everything to do with Search Engine Optimization, handled for you by an Industrial Internet Marketing Specialist working in tandem with a Technical Industrial Copywriter for the web — both of whom must have an intimate understanding of your industrial products and markets.

Before your new or revised website is launched, one of our Industrial Internet Marketing Specialists can determine the best combination of keywords, links, and other attributes your site needs to achieve and maintain top search engine rankings. With knowledge of your industrial products, we will optimize navigation of your site according to both the search engine "spiders" and the habits and interests of your prospects. Most importantly, our Technical Industrial Copywriters will now have the detailed requirements needed to craft web text that maximizes your rankings and click-throughs, while additionally influencing your newfound visitors to specify your brand.

Because your market situation is unique and definable, there is usually one overall best way to structure and phrase your website to maximize traffic — versus dozens of ways to program it (all correctly) and thousands of ways to design it (all beautifully).

So for the website that generates the most income for your company, be certain one of our Industrial Internet Marketing Specialists and Technical Industrial Copywriters are the first ones to lay hands on it.