Market and Media Research

The answers you need to maximize media efficiency, sales conversions and customer retention — with 95+% accuracy

Your biggest marketing investments are the never-ending ones, like sales staff compensation and media advertising, both of which cost the same whether or not they bring in business. Yet, most manufacturers rely on educated guesses to maximize their return, when they could guarantee higher returns with 95+% accuracy by simply surveying their target audience.

Example: Improving the efficiency of your print and electronic media selection by a conservative 20% would enable you to reduce a $50,000 media budget to $40,000 — or a $500,000 media budget to $400,000 — without sacrificing results.

The cost of conducting a media survey is usually a fraction of the amount it saves in the very first year.

Similarly, alerting your sales and customer service staffs to the positive and negative perceptions your customers have about your company, your products and those of your competitors, can significantly boost their success, and your return on personnel costs.

While it's treacherous to predicate decisions about your future on imperfect data gathering and analysis, conducting a survey according to strict research methodology is one of the safest and most profitable investments your company can make.

Imagine the advantage of cutting back on publications your competitors favor but your customers do not, and investing only in the publications your customers read most, often unopposed!

With a minimum of your involvement, we can conduct your survey with 95+% accuracy and provide a meaningful analysis that you can actually put to use (not the usual output of overwhelming data). Moreover, we can do it for much less than your average research firm, because we are more interested in obtaining valuable marketing information we can use to improve your advertising and public relations payback, than we are at profiting from market research services.

Once you have your survey in hand, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.