Case History Articles, Whitepapers, Releases and Placement

We write hundreds of the technical articles and application stories you read in trade magazines, plus whitepapers, newsletters, releases and other technical editorial that can yield 500% to 5000% return on your investment

Technical public relations is perhaps the highest yielding investment you can make, or a close second to a killer website.

The beauty of writing and placing technical editorial is that it capitalizes on a tremendous asset you already own: the knowledge of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

Put it all in writing, get trade magazines to print pages of it for free, and use it to enlarge your website for increased readership and vast improvements in free search engine rankings.

Technical editorial articles authored by your company (ghost-written by us) about your products, customer applications or technology, establishes you as an authority in your field, and addresses your company from an editorial, third-party point-of-view, which is more believable to a reader than promotional copy obviously written about you, by you.

If ever there were an industrial marketing no-brainer, technical public relations is it. Yet, most industrial manufacturers fail to take advantage of its tremendous payback for lack of the technical public relations people it takes to make it happen.

We have it down to a science, with dozens of technical writers (many current or former editors of leading trade publications), photographers local to equipment/customer sites, and the public relations management to pull the pieces together. We also have the trust and respect of magazine editors familiar with our work over many years, and are highly successful at placing every article we write in the trade publications your prospects read.

Even better is that you will now own articles to add to your website, greatly boosting your readership, word count, keyword density and organic (free) search engine results 24/7/365.

In addition, your sales force receives more leads, and gains the ability to email and print articles that match the applications of prospects they are calling on, increasing sales conversions.